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Individual Counselling & Personal Therapy

Helping you understand what is keeping you stuck and move towards a life that has you thriving rather than striving.

Sessions are arranged weekly. Therapy is tailored to individual needs and is not time limited. 

Individual sessions to young people (age 16 -18 with parental consent) and adults for a variety of issues; depression, stress & anxiety, relationships, anger, self-esteem, unresolved childhood issues, trauma, bereavement, grief and loss, faith issues. 


 I can assist those individuals seeking personal therapy for their mental health and wellbeing and with their professional development as part of the requirements for counselling courses.


Couples Counselling

Helping you as individuals have a better understanding of yourself in the relationship and understand your couple fit so that you can connect better and learn how to work as a team. 

I offer joint sessions to couples experiencing communication difficulties, conflict over the influence of family of origin or parenting styles or the impact of affairs and betrayal. 

Counselling from a Christian worldview

Helping you, whether your are involved in church ministry or as a lay person, to explore in a confidential setting  your understanding of your faith and how it applies to you living in an imperfect world.  

The good news is that everyone has value and you don't need to be alone in whatever your calling or purpose in life.


My worldview is from a Christian perspective which means I accept everyone without judgement or condition. It does not exclude those from different spiritual experiences. 

Clinical Supervision

I offer clinical supervision to counsellors for their clinical practice in accordance with requirements of professional standards in counselling and psychotherapy. 

Other professions can benefit from clinical supervision also so if you are in a caring or leadership role this might be something that would be of interest to you. 

I particularly encourage social workers, medical practitioners and teachers to get support for the challenging jobs they do. 

Session Fees 

Individual counselling/personal therapy:

£50 per 50 minute session 


Couples counselling:

£70 per 1 hour session or £95 for 1 hour 30 minutes


Clinical supervision:

£50 per hour, £65 per 1.5 hours minimum monthly requirement for qualified counsellors


Many employers have contracts with Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) providers for counselling support which is free for employees. 

I am registered with a number of EAP providers to offer short-term support. Check with your HR department.


Check with your insurance if you are covered for counselling. I have been approved by Bupa to provide counselling to their members.

Professional Standards - Privacy Policy 

From 25 May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) changed. To meet the requirements of the new regulation my privacy of information policy is outlined in this document.


If you decide to contact me for counselling and we agree to work together, I, Karen Moore, processing data as Attuned Counselling Services, will collect, store and process information about you to enable me to provide a service to you.


This document outlines what personal information I will collect and how it will be processed and stored. This is in addition to the counselling agreement which we discuss and sign in order for the work to continue.


What personal information will I need to collect?

I will need to record personal information about you, including your name, address and contact details for the initial contact/referral form. Under an identifying code I will also takes notes of ‘assessment information’, that is, relevant medical information and aspects of your personal, social and family history that you choose to share with me and brief notes of each session. This information will be retained in separate locations (keeping your name and contact details apart from the session notes)


Your contact details will only be used to contact you. Other personal data such as your name, address and/or date of birth will be used to verify your identify if there is a need to contact your G.P. or a request for access to personal data from yourself or under legal instruction such as a court order.



How will I store your personal information?

Paper: Contact/referral and written notes as outlined above and in the counselling agreement.

Mobile phone: If you wish to contact me by phone I will store your contact number in coded form on my mobile phone 07530906135 which is solely used for sending and receiving texts and calls from clients.

Email: If you contact me by email your email address and any correspondence will be stored in my email account,

Website: If you contact me through the contacts page I will get notification through my email account via my website host who process such information on my behalf. None of your personal information is stored on my website. By contacting me in this manner you are consenting for me to contact you to discuss how I might be of help to you. If, at this stage, you do not want to enter counselling I will delete your initial contact email and will not hold any personal information about you.

Social Media: Private messages on my facebook page, Attuned Counselling Services, will be deleted once we have made an arrangement to either speak by phone or set up an initial meeting.


How long will I keep your personal information?

When we have finished working together all electronic copies of your correspondence will be erased after one month. Written documents will be held for a period of five years after your counselling ends. After that, all written information about you will be shredded.

In what circumstances might I share your personal information?



Confidentiality & Safeguarding Policy

Counselling is confidential but there are certain limitations. Sharing information is only ever done to safeguard you or another person/s. If you are at serious risk of harming yourself I may need to contact your GP. If you tell me that a child is being abused I have a legal obligation to inform Social Services. If I become aware of your intent to cause harm to another person/s or you give details of current or historic cases (e.g. terrorism) I have a legal obligation to inform an authority without seeking your permission. In such circumstances the law may require that I share your personal information without your knowledge. This confidentiality and safeguarding policy is discussed in detail at the initial assessment.




As part of my registration and accreditation as a professional counsellor I am required to consult with a therapeutic supervisor. In order to protect your privacy no identifiable personal information is shared. I may refer to individual clients by code for the purpose of maintaining professional standards and aiding my professional development.


Therapeutic Will in the event of incapacity

In the event of my incapacity to continue with your therapy, e.g. through serious accident or death, I have appointed a colleague to act as my Therapeutic Executor. Your name and contact details alone will be shared so that you can be contacted and informed of the circumstances.


Your rights.

You have the right to:

· be informed what personal information I hold about you

· ask to see information that I hold about you without charge. To do this please either ask me or submit a request in writing. I will endeavour to provide you with the information requested within four weeks.

· rectify any inaccurate or incomplete information about you

· withdraw consent for me to use your personal information

· request your personal information be erased (although I can decline whilst the information is needed for me to practice lawfully and competently)

· be informed if your personal information may have accidently or maliciously been obtained by a third party. In this case I will notify you within three days

· address your concerns about the way your information is being held. In the first instance please discuss this with me. If you are still unhappy you have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office with whom I am registered as the data controller.


Attuned Counselling Services, 36 Dunbarton Street, Gilford, CRAIGAVON, BT63 6HJ

Email: Telephone: 075 3090 6135

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